Leader Task 1: Analyze team climate

Discussion Topics:

Climate is about shared perceptions that team members have regarding the attitudes that characterize the team. Climate is a bottom-up concept and the responsibility of front-line leaders. Climate can change quickly depending on the actions of front-line leaders.

Climate is different than culture. An organization’s culture is defined by the shared assumptions, values, and beliefs that govern how people behave in the organization. Culture is a top-down concept and the responsibility of senior leaders. An organization’s culture can only change slowly over time.

Morale is critical in both climate and culture. The team’s morale is based on their confidence, willingness, and discipline to succeed, especially while facing challenges and adversity.

If front-line leaders are not doing their jobs, it is possible to have a bad team climate inside of a great organizational culture. Of course, the opposite can also be true. It is certainly possible to have a positive team climate inside of a not-so-good culture.


Review the topics above with your instructor. Ensure that you understand the meaning of and underlined terms.

In your experience, why is earning the trust of your team so important?

How does earning trust help to create a positive climate?

Have you always trusted your supervisors?

How do you earn the trust of your team?