Resilience-Building Leadership Professional™ Coach

RBLP-C Application Requirements

Applicants for RBLP-C certification must be currently serving in a middle manager role or have previously served in a middle manager role.

Middle manager role defined:Middle managers are responsible for objectives and results in a functional department. They may provide guidance and direction to one or more front-line supervisors. Middle managers facilitate team learning and problem solving. They establish goals for their teams and monitor progress. Middle managers have significant relevant expertise and experience. An organization may have multiple layers of middle management.

Military Paygrade Equivalent: U.S. military personnel (or AU, NZ, UK, and CA equivalents) currently serving at paygrades O1, O2, W1, and E6 are eligible for RBLP-C certification. Military veterans that have previously served at these paygrades are also eligible.

RBLP-C Certification Exam Requirements

During the 2.5-hour oral RBLP-C certification exam, the applicant is required to show competence of factual (what), conceptual (why), and procedural knowledge (how) in each of the following competency domains:
Create Positive Climate
Develop Cohesion
Provide Purpose
Facilitate Team Learning

RBLP-C Recertification Requirements

Recertification is required every three years to maintain the RBLP-C level of certification. Credential holders are required to complete a professional development exercise detailing how they have implemented applicable leader tasks in the workplace during the previous three years. The RBLP-C recertification fee is currently $75.  

Exam Prep: $695          Exam Cost: $1575          Total Cost: $2270