Elite Leadership Consulting is proud to partner with Resilience-Building Leader Program™ Team to deliver their Certification Prep Training.

Mission Statement

“I believe success in all areas of life begins with quality leadership and having access to the right resources and support. My mission is to empower, educate, and inspire the next generation of leaders to create lasting organizational change and transformation.”

Vision Statement

“To ignite a global movement of exceptional leadership, build resilient teams, and redefine what it means to lead by example.”

Building Resilient Teams™ for Organizational Learning and Change

Collective resilience is a social phenomenon that exists in any organization where people rely on each other to accomplish difficult and challenging tasks together. Collective resilience is the ability to overcome challenges. Resilient teams are stronger together and they make organizational learning and change possible. 

What do our credential holders have to say?

99% of credential holders would recommend the RBLP leadership certification to others. 

88% believe it will lead to better compensation and career longevity.

97% have greater confidence in their professional abilities.

88% believe it will increase their autonomy in the workplace.

95% believe it will provide increased professional trust from employers and the public.

91% believe they will have increased recognition by peers and respect of colleagues in their profession.

96% believe they have improved opportunities for employability and advancement.

Our Services

Elite Leadership Consulting LLC offers exam prep for the following certification. 

RBLP certification is for front-line supervisors.

RBLP-C certification is for middle managers.

RBLP-T certification is for senior leaders.

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